Friday, April 18, 2014

Life in Numbers

So many bloggers have written these "Life in Numbers" post recently and of course you know I'm hopping aboard that bandwagon.  I can hear my parents now... "If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too??"

Sorry, Mom & Dad.

Let's just roll with this.

4- The number of hours left before I leave my nanny job.

110-  Days until I turn 26 and am officially off of my parent's health insurance.  #oldpersonstatus

3-  The amount of emails I sent to my blogging bestie this week.

60-  Days until Scott & I have been married for TWO YEARS!!!!  WHAT???!!

70-  The amount of times I've complained about our anniversary falling on a stinkin` Monday this year.  Boooooo.

1,000,000-  The amount of $$ I wish I had.  Just saying.

5-  The amount of dance classes left before my recital.  I am not okay with that number!

54-  The high for today.  Really?!  Come on Mother Nature, you can do better than that!!

100-  The number of times I've contemplated just staying with my job and being a nanny forever because I'm scared to death of this change.

98-  Days until Christmas in July.  Then it will finally be acceptable to watch my favorite movie again.  ELF!

14-  How many exclamation marks I've used in this post.  (I have an exclamation mark problem)

1-  The number of times I'm wishing you a Happy Easter & a great weekend!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


While Scott & I were in Maine over the weekend, we went on a few hikes.  At the end of one of our hikes was a swing that overlooked the water.  We must have sat in this swing for a good hour, just talking.  I had to take a picture of it.  It made me wonder how many people had sat in this same swing and done the same thing that we had.  Talked about the future.  Talked about big changes ahead.

*            *            *

Tomorrow, I will be leaving my job as a nanny.  It's kind of crazy for me to think about because I've only had the job for a little over a year.  But, an opportunity arose for me to take a job that I actually went to school for.  I have 2 Bachelor's degrees and worked incredibly hard to get them.  Now, I will hopefully be able to put them to use.  

I will be without a job for a while though, so that will be an interesting transition, but we have to trust the process.  It will be a huge change.  But, a good change nonetheless.  

I've kept a lot of this on the "DL" and I'm still being pretty vague.  Once I am able to share more news, I will.  

God is good.  And I am so very excited for what the future holds for me.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mr. Forever Newly Wedded

I often wonder how I got so lucky to get to be married to my husband.  We have been married 22 months today and there are still times where I'll wake up and look over at him and think... Wow.  This man is bound to me for life. This really is forever.  This is my lifetime best friend.  How awesome.

Marriage is super cool like that.

Yet, there are often days where I think, Oh my gosh.  His hamper full of his work clothes is smelling up our entire bedroom.  It smells like an auto shop in here.  What the heck?!  I'm stuck with this man for life!

True Life: Scott has a separate hamper for his nasty, smelly work clothes and this thing is in serious need of a lid.  Or something.  Because by the end of the week, our beautiful oasis-like master bedroom smells more like a freaking auto shop and a lot less like the clean cotton Yankee candle that I burn every night... ya heard?!

Anyway, while it's easy for me to get caught up in all the little annoying things about Scott, he could definitely throw some of that right back in my face.  Especially when I complain to him about his inability to put the toilet seat down when meanwhile, my abundance of makeup/hair/skin products are completely covering the bathroom vanity as if there were some kind of 9.2 magnitude earthquake.

Catch my drift?

So all in all, my husband is pretty great.  I like to boast about him.  I'm a proud wife.  What can I say?

- Mr. Forever Newly Wedded aka Scott is an auto mechanic, in case y'all missed that before.

- He is currently enrolled in night school to get his "Master Mechanic" certification and a few ASE certifications as well.  Whatever that means.

- He has taught me the difference between a crank shaft and a cam shaft.  Trust me, they are very different.  Although, they sound the same to me.

- I once helped him haul an engine out of a vehicle and then put it back in.  Don't mind me while I go and scratch that one off the bucket list.

- Scott has a younger brother and an older sister.  He is smack dab in the middle.  That means he's the cream part of an Oreo cookie... aka... my favorite part.  Yum.

- He is one heck of a dancer.  And on the weekends when we are finally able to see each other, he sometimes will catch me in the middle of washing dishes after dinner and dim down the kitchen lights.  In fact, last weekend he did this exact thing.  He dimmed the lights, grabbed my hand, and "I Don't Dance" started playing.  His intent was to make me smile as we slow danced in the kitchen. Unfortunately his plan backfired because I balled like a damn baby the entire time.  #swoon.

i dont dance by Lee Brice on Grooveshark <<<< I mean... have y'all heard the song?  Make sure you have tissues handy.  Sheesh.

- When Scott was little, he was an Emergency Room regular due to his daredevil nature.  This is bad news for our future children.

- He has the biggest heart.  He would do anything for anyone and just when I think his heart can't get any bigger, it does.  This is good news for our future children.  =)

- He will be 30 in just 3 years.  I only added that in just in case he reads this.  He hates being reminded of that.  Tee-hee.  ;)

- Scott plays darts.  He was on a team for several years before having to give it up for school.  As a surprise to him, I set up his dart board in our spare bedroom and we play on the weekends.  Even though I think darts is all luck and no one will ever convince me otherwise, I do enjoy him trying to teach me "the correct dart throwing method".  =D

- And last but certainly not least, he is married to me.  I mean, that deserves a medal in and of itself.

Happy twenty two months of marriage, Scott.  Time sure flies when you are having the time of your life.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Beach Weekend

I never wanted this weekend to end.  I suppose I say that every Monday.  Although, this week, Scott has off from school, which means I'll feel more like a married woman this week, which equals one happy me.  Scott hasn't gotten a break since October.  So, this is long overdue.  I will enjoy making dinners for my husband again.  I miss that.

So this weekend, Scott & I semi-hosted an anniversary party for his grandparents.  Basically the party can be summed up into three words.  So. Much. Food.  It went so well.  The food was great.  And I made a tie dye cake.  It was black & white on the outside and rainbow on the inside.  

I know, I know.... Next Great Baker, here I come.

The rest of the weekend was spent outside at a park right on the shore of CT.  It was a blast!  We decided to walk out to a lighthouse.  We were the only ones out on this beach.  It was kind of eery.  Especially when Tyson found a dead swan.  Ick.  Other than that, it was pretty fun!

...And then Tyson planted himself down in the sand and REFUSED to move another foot.  We did so much walking.  He was pooped!

We decided to stop for lunch at the "Merritt Canteen".  We had never been before, but it had been on the show, "Diner's, Drive-in's, and Dives" so we were eager to try it out.  Scott had fish & chips and I had the spiciest chili dog ever along with a milkshake.  It was heaven on earth.

We grabbed lunch and decided to eat it back at the beach.  This was our view at lunch.  It could not have been more perfect if it tried.

Tell me, how was your weekend?? =)

Friday, April 11, 2014

National Pet Day

Today, April 11th, is in fact National Pet Day.  The only reason why I know that is because I have the cutest Yorkshire Terrier calendar and it lets me know!

Growing up, I always had pets.  Cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, a bird, and even rabbits!  My Aunt & Uncle also had dogs, goats, & 2 huge oxen!

I loved my pets.  I enjoyed playing with them, and when they didn't want to play I'd get frustrated.  My Mom was always the patient one.  She grew up with farm animals (chickens, cows, you name it) because my Grandmother grew up that way.  My great-grandparents had a dairy farm.  That was how they made a living.  The maternal side of my family has always been great with animals.  I feel like I had a lot of animals compared to a lot of my friends, growing up.

When I moved into my dorm room in college, I remember getting a fish.  I won it during some college event.  I think I kept that thing alive for a day or two.  Since then, I've had many fish.  All of which have died within weeks.

Yet... my parents have had a GOLDFISH for 8 years and it just recently died.  WHAT?

Meanwhile..........I could not keep anything alive for the life of me.

But despite all that, when Scott & I got married, we often talked about getting a dog.  It was one of the things that I missed since moving out of my parent's home.  We waited over a year after getting married before we got Tyson.

And as my Mom always warned me, "You'll never understand how much responsibility it is to own and care for an animal until you have one".

Boy was she right.

While both Scott & I love Tyson with our whole hearts, he is A LOT of work.  He suffers from anxiety and hates being alone.  He is very attached to me and will bark/whine whenever I leave his side (even to go to the bathroom!).  He needs to get a bath once a week.  He needs to be brushed everyday.  He needs food & water twice a day.  He needs shots, check-ups, and professional grooming every so often.   I mean,  WOW.

What may seem like simple stuff, when you really think about it, this adds up to be a ton of work.  It's really like taking care of an infant at times.

But after a rough day, this dog's ears are the first to catch my tears... and that makes all the attention he requires well worth it.

In other news, my Mom also warned me that raising my brother & I was far from easy and that one day, we'll get a taste of what we put her through!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Party Host-aholic

That's it.  I should just go back to school and major in Party Planning.  Is that even a major?  Do people actually go to school for that?

I am a planner by nature, and everything in my life has to be planned to a T or else someone has a little 2 year old meltdown involving lots of screaming and kicking and rolling on the floor.  Type A, much?

And I mean, who doesn't love parties?  My love of parties goes far beyond just eating cake & ice cream, although I do enjoy a good slice of cake.  I'm the kind of person who truly appreciates the time that a host or hostess puts in to making a party really spectacular.  I pay attention to every single detail from party plates to party napkins and confetti on the table.

Trust me, I'm no math whiz, but if you add my love of parties with my obsession with planning...WALA!  You have a party planner.

Are you following me?  =)

I'm big on celebrating because you only get to celebrate things only once a year.  A 21st birthday.... a golden birthday.... any birthday!

Oh, and if you are having a "theme" party.... well... I'm all over that.

And whether you're celebrating 2 years of marriage or 34 years of marriage... anniversaries are totally worth celebrating.

Speaking of anniversaries, I'm semi-hosting an anniversary party this weekend and I am super excited about it.  From the list making, to grocery shopping, cooking & baking... I just love the whole process leading up to a big celebration.

I mean, I can make a mean tie-dye cake.

I can even make a dog-friendly cake for a doggy party!

Oh my gosh, you guys.  That was a lot of pictures of cake.  Scratch everything I've said about party planning.

I think I've found my calling.

Karla:  Cake Decorator.

Buddy Valastro, I'm coming for ya.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mile Run

Oh the dreaded mile run.  Does this sound familiar to anybody?

You know... you'd get to gym class and you'd stand against the wall in the gymnasium waiting for the gym teacher to tell you what you were going to do for gym that day.  I hated that.  Actually, I dreaded that.  Gym was never my favorite "subject" in school.  I actually was probably one of the only kids to ever fail gym in middle school.  Yes.  I failed gym.  But that is a story for another day.

Whether it was volleyball, dodgeball, wiffleball... it didn't matter.  I hated them all.  I was not good at sports and never will be.  I was the girl that was always picked last, because I suuuuucked.

That being said, I'd rather play wiffleball all day long then to have to run the dreaded "mile run".  Four times around the big outdoor track just sounded like absolute torture.  I would watch in agony as the cross country runners would finish well before I did.

I always thought, why oh why would anyone want to willingly volunteer themselves to be part of a team that does nothing but run?

Running has never been fun for me.  Ever.

And then I completed by first 5K last year.  I walked it.  But I ran the last 1/4 mile, and crossing the finish line felt absolutely amazing.  I thought to myself... one day... I'd like to run a whole 5K.

Then we got our treadmill, and I challenged myself to run on it for 30 days straight.  And I have.  I've been following the couch to 5K program, running little bits at a time.

My first goal was to run 1 mile without stopping.  After 30 days, I finally reached that goal yesterday. I ran a whole mile without stopping once.

It's a small victory, but for me, it's huge.

In the 30 days that I've been running, I realized that the right running shoes are everything.  (Which is a fantastic excuse for my shoe-loving self to get a new pair!)  I dealt with shin splints day after day, and now that I have new running shoes, I feel light as a feather, rather than feeling like my shoes were made out of cinder blocks.

I've also learned that running is 90% mind and 10% legs/feet.  By the 3/4 mile mark, I was ready to give up.  I pushed so hard during that last painful 1/4 mile.  Running is a total mind game.

So, take that "mile run".  You used to haunt me, but I have conquered you.

Time to set a new goal.