Monday, December 23, 2013

Karla Crocker

That's me.  Karla "Crocker".  Sorry Betty, you ain't got nothin' on me.  The picture below was basically my whole day on Saturday.  Or at least, most of it.  Baking helped me get past the fact that we were actually supposed to be in New York City on Saturday, but with a million changes of plans, we decided it would be best to stay home.

So, while I thought today would be a photo dump of Christmas in New York, I guess I'm happier knowing that ALL my wrapping is finally done.  Baking is 3/4 of the way done.  And Christmas #1 was a success!

Peanut Butter Blossoms galore!!!

Crushed oreos for my Oreo Truffles!  SO yummy.

Today, I would like to ask for prayers for a member of our family who is in the hospital.  He was admitted last night, but we need him to be well and to come home for Christmas.  Family is what truly matters at this time.  So, today, I am praying for him to get well and to come home and be with his loved ones.

Love, I believe, is one of the very best gifts of Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who linked up for the Holiday Edition of the Newlywed Game!  I am just finishing up reading/watching all your posts!!!  I love that some of you were brave enough to vlog!  

See you tomorrow!



  1. I'm glad you still had a great weekend, even with the change of plans! Praying for your family during this time and that y'all can be together for Christmas!

  2. LOVE this post girl!! You and I were doing the exact same thing on saturday. Baking cookies!! :)

  3. Those cookies look quite scrumptious! You will be in my thoughts and prayers! I hope your family will all be home for Christmas together!!!

  4. Awww! Merry, Merry Christmas Karla! I'm sorry you didn't get to go to NY, but hey...those cookies look to die for ;)

    Praying for your family love!

  5. Look at you go! Those cookies look delish :)

    Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

  6. P.S. Sorry to hear about your family member *hugs* praying for you guys!

  7. I love peanut blossom cookies! Just catching up on your blog from my little reading hiatus, just know that you weren't far from my mind on the 14th sweet friend xo. *hugs*

  8. Oh no I forgot about the link up! Sad face! Oh well. I'm praying that your family member gets better and comes home for Christmas.

    Bright side: you made peanut butter blossoms which are some of my favorite Christmas cookies my dad makes every year. :) Merry Christmas!!!


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