Friday, December 27, 2013

The Wonderful Thing About Husband's

    The wonderful thing about tiggers
                                                           Is tiggers are wonderful things!
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs!

Sorry.  The title of the post makes me want to sing the Tigger song.  Please tell me you've heard the Tigger song?  Anyone?

Anyway... if you read my post yesterday, I mentioned how I was feeling a little gloomy, as one usually does when Christmas is over.  Tyson was gloomy too, by the way.

And, after all... this was my breakfast yesterday morning as I was feeling nostalgic for Christmas.


Well, anyway... my husband, who rarely reads this blog (shame on you!....kiddingggg!) actually read that post yesterday and decided to come home and surprise me!  We both got a butt load of gift cards, so we decided to go ahead and use a few.  So, we dressed up... and went out!

Thank goodness he has no school this week!!  =)

We drove to a small little town and went in all the cute little shops on Main Street, before going into a bigger plaza with more well known stores.  It was in one of those stores that I found this:

And I decided I HAD to have it.  It all started when Veronica posted a picture on instagram of her holding the exact same purse.  And I got instant purse envy.  We went into that store, and boom!  There is was.  It was like it was destiny.  Or something.  

Scott was all concerned that Veronica might be upset with me.  But I reassured him that not only does she live in another state, but that she is the sweetest and wouldn't mind at all that we are now purse twins!  Hahaha.  =)

After our shopping trip, we decided to head into a restaurant that we had another gift card for.  We pigged out and got the biggest steaks known to man.  It was fabulous.  I didn't take a picture because I always feel a million eyes on me whenever I snap pictures of my food at restaurants.  So much so that I almost want to stand up on my chair and tell everyone to relax and stay calm, for I am only a blogger.

I would use a megaphone and everything & it would be pretty great.  But I chose to skip the picture taking and rather enjoy the moment.

It was amazing.

You know what else is amazing?

It's Friday.

Happy Weekend, friends!!


  1. Fun! And that purse is gorgeous! Merry post-Christmas! :-)

  2. I am purse envy...darn it!

  3. Awww! Kudos to Scott for making yesterday great in the midst of your gloom! Way to go, Scott! :) So glad y'all had a great time together, as always ;).

  4. Sounds like a wonderful evening out. Love the bag, it's such a great color.


  5. OH.MY.GOSH. I LOVE the bag!! Seriously. The color is amazing and so is the style!

  6. I'm glad that Scott could cheer you up a little - and vouchers certainly help too! :)

  7. What a fun day where you didn't have to spend any money! Nice. The color of that purse is nice! Hope the post Christmas blues go away soon.

  8. Happy Weekend! I want to join your purse clique! ;)

  9. What a sweet husband! And when I read your post title I totally had the Tigger song in my head too. Haha!!

  10. That purse is adorable! Now I have purse envy!

  11. I absolutely love reading your posts! They always put a smile on my face and I get a little laugh for the day! Glad you got to have an after Christmas cheer up day!

  12. How sweet is he?! I may or may not have sang the tigger song when I saw your post title. ;)

  13. That purse is so pretty! And girl I was definitely singing the Tigger song while reading this post!


  14. Husbands are awesome! And I love the purse too! And you're right, Veronica is amazing so I doubt she would mind ;)


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