Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Yes, I Still Believe in Santa

First of all, it's Christmas Eve.  The big man comes tonight.  I hope your chimney's are nice and clean for him.  Scott & I are chimney-less and live in a city where I wouldn't want to keep my doors unlocked for the jolly old man to come in.  Maybe he'll use his Christmas magic?  ;-)

Anyway, Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I am working half the day today and then I am off to celebrate with family!  I can't even wait!

                                                                           *         *          *

Yes.  I'm still that giddy little 5 year old girl inside.  I certainly still believe in Santa.  Even if his handwriting looks a little like Dad's.  And yes, I still believe even though I could have sworn that blow up chair I got one year was stuffed in Mom's closet behind her wedding gown.  Yes, I peeked one year, Mom.  My brother made me do it.

My Brother sporting his Jets snuggy last Xmas.

Even though I still get giddy inside for Christmas, the holiday certainly has changed as I've gotten older.  I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about.

You know... people ask you what you want for Christmas and your mind goes kinda wild with all the lavish things that you want.  But then your more practical self reminds you that there are things that you actually need.  Like... a vacuum cleaner, 4 brand new tires for your car, or you just ask for boring old money... because let's face it, that's probably what you need most.

Little cousin lost in a sea of presents!

So, in that way... Christmas is a lot different.  I don't get a new sled anymore.  I don't get a new "NOW That's What I Call Music" CD (what number are they on anyways??)  I don't get any chocolate Santa's.  I don't get my usual bottle of ketchup at the foot of my stocking anymore (yes, my brother and I were obsessed with ketchup as kids... wait... I don't think much has changed there)  Anyway, I don't get much in my stocking.  Actually, Scott & I rarely ever fill the stockings.

My personal favorite NOW cd... solely because the Backstreet Boys are on it.

And, well, it's made me realize just how much effort my parents would put into Christmas for my brother & I each year.  I mean, they would always make sure that we had the best Christmas.  We were so lucky.  Really, we were.  And I never realized it until I moved out and started to appreciate things more.  We always had the hottest toy.  We had so many presents under the tree to keep us occupied with unwrapping for a good hour or more.  Christmas was always so awesome and so magical.  My parents were the best.

When I moved away from home, and had my first Christmas with Scott in 2010, I was so emotional.  It was the weirdest thing to wake up in another place on Christmas.  It felt so odd to not be in my parents house.  It was not the same.

I mean, sure, it was Christmas.  I was happy.  Jesus was born!  There were presents under the tree!  Food everywhere!  But... there were no presents from Santa.

That's the year that I'll never forget.   When Scott & I went to go celebrate with my parents, under the tree were a few gifts labeled:

To Karla, From Santa.  

My Mom, who does most of the gift buying and wrapping, had made sure that I still got presents from Santa.

I don't think she knew it, but I was holding back tears as I unwrapped the present from "Santa".  Because, as Christmas Day is first and foremost very much about the birth of Jesus, I did grow up believing in Santa Claus too, and to get a gift from Santa, even in my twenties, brought back such happy childhood memories for me.

Christmas to me, is all about giving.  Giving unto others.  And my hope is that when I have children of my own (God willing), that I can give them the kind of Christmas's that my parents gave to me.

It's because of my awesome parents that I still believe in the power of Santa Claus & I just think that is so so important (especially in adulthood!)

Afterall, Santa is such a giving person.  And I think more people need to be like him.  Especially this time of year.

Santa, Me, & Mrs. Claus (my Grandma!)

Merry Christmas, friends!  Have a wonderful holiday!  See you on Thursday!


  1. <3 this post! I will always believe in Santa! So funny you got ketchup in your stocking..my MIL asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said sheets. I knew at that moment I had officially crossed over to adulthood. I'm okay with that..I will live through my kids:) Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas Karla! xo

  2. I believe in Santa, too! But my parents refuse to continue with the Santa gifts :(. It hurts my heart. So great that your parents instilled the gift of giving in you and that you look forward to the 'magic' of Christmas - it's the best!

  3. You're just too sweet! We still get Santa gifts in my house too and they're even wrapped in "Santa paper". I hope that never ends :)

    Merry Christmas Eve! <3

  4. As this post had me smiling from the beginning! And that your mom still writes from Santa, is just so sweet. I may have teared up, darn prego emotions running wild. Wait till you have kids, i think it is almost better then when you were a kid. I am so giddy to watch my son open presents!! Have a beautiful day sweet lady! Merry Christmas! ! (:

  5. I love his post. I definitely agree that more people need to be more like Santa. I don't think I ever stopped believing in Santa. But I think it changed from Santa Claus the man to Santa Claus the spirit.


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