Friday, June 6, 2014

Good News Friday

Cheers!  Someone around these parts got a new job, and it wasn't me....... yet.  Scott got a new job that he & I are so incredibly proud of!  It's his "dream job".  One that he can learn & grow with.  One that comes along with room to move up the ladder, which he didn't have in his other job.

I am behind happy for him and yesterday, we toasted to this brand new journey!  =)

In other news.... Orange is the New Black is baaaaaaack!!!  Oh you bet your butt I'll be watching this at some point this weekend.  Yes ma'am!  

Thank you for all of your prayers & words of encouragement this week!  I hope you all have fabulous weekends!


  1. ekkkkk!!! That's sooo great and amazing friend!!! :)

  2. Yay! Congratulations to Scott! Orange is the New Black is on my schedule this weekend too ;)

  3. CONGRATS to your hubs!! That is so exciting!!

  4. Yayyy for Scott!!! & and you're next ;) have a fun weekend!

  5. Yayyyyyy for Scott!!!! Hopefully we'll see the same toasting pic for you too soon!

    Happy Friday! :-D


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